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The Dell S2417DG is the best Dell gaming monitor that we've tested so far. Although it's a bit on the small side, at 24", it delivers an excellent gaming experience, with a fast refresh rate, outstanding motion handling, and support for NVIDIA's G-SYNC variable refresh rate technology.

Dell 24 gaming monitor - S2417DG, with its razor-sharp graphics capability and productivity boosting features, delivers an exhilarating gaming experience.</plaintext> Find the best products for your needs, based on our reviews, ratings and recommendations. S2417DG loses settings, flashes rgb My S2417DG manuf. August 2017 has. Purchased directly from Dell? Are you sure that Windows or Nvidia did NOT push a driver update on the computer immediately prior to the issue? Back the Hz down to 60. Then reboot the computer. I've just purchased a new S2417DG monitor and have severe banding in dark colors in games, clips and movies and pictures. I've done every color calibration I've found on the internet, resets to factory, reinstalling the drivers and whatnot, to no avail.</p> <p>First up is the luminance menu, which contains only Brightness and Contrast sliders. Light output covers a wide range from 29 to 342cd/m 2. With 100 steps available, control is a bit coarse for our taste. I've recently bought the DELL S2417DG 24" 144Hz 1440p G-sync, OCable at 165Hz and so far I'm loving it. I've got the A05 revision manufactured Jan 18. Color banding is there as I expected, but do not care much since I use it for gaming I use U2718Q for other uses. The picture quality of the Dell S2719DGF is mediocre. The monitor cannot display deep uniform blacks in dark scenes. This is mainly due to the disappointing native contrast ratio and also due to the terrible black uniformity which is one of the worst we have seen up until now. Perfect Settings - Dell S2716DG. According to the RTINGS reviews for my PG279Q gaming monitor and the LG C9 and B9 TV's the input lag was 4ms vs 6.6ms 6.6 for the C9, 7 for the B9, both measured resolutions that support 120hz, only a couple ms more than my monitor. Got to play on one of the new LG 4K OLED's C9 55 inch I believe at a friends house, and dang that thing was just euphoric to play on. The colors and contrast were amazing, and it had only a couple ms more of input lag compared to my PG279Q back at home.</p> <p>RTINGS review of the S2417DG with calibration profiles. Review. Close. 164. Posted by. u/MapleLoaves. EVGA 980 Ti GAMING ACX 2.0 1 year ago. DELL has made steps to reduce the banding issue in them in later revisions. Anyone who got an early revision like A04 is 100% in the right to complain and warn people. 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